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All About EmuLegion

After a 2 year waiting list, and $Hundreds$ of lost dollars attempting to order and incubate Hatching eggs from other Emu Breeders, we were able to finally purchase our first Baby Emus at 1 day old. We hand raised these tiny birds into the almost 6' dinosaurs they are today. Now, we bring you the Emu NFT.

First and Foremost, Everyone wants to know what the Utility of this NFT is going to be.

Live Emu Adoption -

That's Right, you can adopt an Emu from our REAL farm and share in the profits from this Emu.

Profits from an Emu???

- Well, at 50 eggs laid per year and an initial resell value of $150 each.

- Plus, Emu are processed for Meat, Emu Oil, Feathers, nothing goes to waste

- Take a look at some of your hair products, especially Beard Waxes and Oils, they probably contain Emu Oil.
- This ties a Fungible item to a Non-Fungible Token

- A real Value.

- As this project progresses, we will offer:

- Live Streaming of the Emu,

- Bluetooth Tagging to track your Emu across our 36 acre farm.

- Proceeds from the Project will be used to grow the farm, so ultimately the Holders will be Virtually Farming through the NFT.


The idea behind Emu Legion is to let the Members and Holders to help drive the direction of this Project Beyond the Live Emu Adoption.

What do we want to do?

Build a Game?

Start our own Beard Oil?

The possibilities are limited by our Imaginations.


While we have a Game Developer lined up to create a game, we would like to know what all of YOU want.
Fighting Game

Trading Card Game

Farming Game

Clash of Emu Civilization Building Game

Whatever Idea Comes to Mind.


The Initial Mint will be for Emu Eggs We will WL 966 and will mint 1932 Eggs.
Why 1932?

Well, because in 1932 there was a Great Emu War in Australia, but Guess Who Won?
The EMU!

We will provide much more information as this Project Moves Forward.

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